The Program of a new-culture Festival Art-Ovrag 2012 includes the following guidelines and educational activities:

  • Experimental architectural objects in urban environment. Master-classes by contemporary artists and architects.
  • Transformation of the surface: artistic changes of the urban space.
  • Urban installations: modern sculpture as a result of joint creative work of an artist and the citizens.
  • Extreme sports: bmx, skateboarding, rolling.
  • Street-music: contemporary electronic and RAP music.
  • Street-dance: modern dance styles and their connection to conventional forms of dance.
  • Innovative technologies in urban space: VJ-sets, labs and workshops by the leading Russian artists, working with art-mapping and Logic-PRO. Interactive workshop on audiovisual art. Workshops for children and adults on creation of a video-art films and animation with the use of creative software and specialized educational sites.
  • Contemporary video-art: representation of collections of video-art by recognized Russian and foreign artists.

City map:


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