Konstantin Grouss

Artistic director, choreographer, dancer of “ZERO Dance Gallery” and International culture project “Art-Residence” (www.art-residence.ru).

Works in several techniques of contemporary dance and theatre. Creates video and new media artworks. His interest lies in crossing the principles of choreography and other genres of art. Creates his works in collaboration with musicians, artists, directors of different directions.

Graduated from Dance and Art school and the Technical University. Studied at the “Class of expressive dance” by Gennady Abramov, Moscow. 

Fellow of danceWeb program in dance and choreography, 2004, Vienna. 
Participant of ICR (International Choreographers In Residence) program of American Dance Festival ADF, USA, 2007. 
Participant of SPACE Programme in contemporary art provided by Performance Corporation (Dublin, Ireland), 2008. 
Resident OMI International Dance Collective, NY, USA, 2011.

Worked with different choreographers and theatre directors: Shusaku Takeuchi (Netherlands), Yury Urnov, Valery Fokin, Tatyana Grindenko, Kirill Serebryannikov (Russia), Efva Lilja (Sweden), Maida Withers (USA). 

In 2009 he created International culture project “Art-Residence” (Moscow). 

Festivals of contemporary art , music and dance by Art-Residence project:

“Curcular ruins”, September, 2009
“No Translations #1″, April-May, 2010
“Architecture-Body-Dance”, June, 2010
“Extension.art”, September, 2010
“Extension.art-2″, December, 2010
“Art-Ovrag”, Street art festival, June, 2011
“No Translations #2″, October, 2011


Personal artistic works:
“Constellations and finger-prints”, October, 2011 
Dance performance Music – Urmas Sisask Piano – Vladimir Ivanov Dance, choreography, set desing – Konstantin Grouss, Misha Khoom
“A little geometric progression”, contemporary dance performance for 1 artist, 2 dancers, 4 synthesizers
Extension.art festival, Moscow 2010 
“Notes”, contemporary dance performance for 3 dancers
No Translations festival, Moscow 2010 
“Curcular Ruins”, dance and music performance for 4 dancers and signer, Art-Residence project, Moscow, 2009 
“Cage for Air”, choreographic drama for 3 dancers, piano solo and voice, Theatre of musical comedy, Krasnoyarsk, Russia, 2008
“Phases of the Moon”, dance performance for 4 dancers and painter, Aktoviy Zal, Moscow, 2008 
“Between Earth and Sky”, 7 min. solo, Aktoviy Zal, Moscow, 2007. 
“The 21st floor”, dance video film, 7 min, 2007 
“Mask for body”, dance performance for 4 dancers, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow, December, 2006 
“Bacchanalia in the Garden of Stones”, the performance for 3 dansers and piano on John Cage music, in collaboration with pianist Alexei Lubimov, 2006 
“Atmospheric phenomenon” – performance for 3 dancers at the Denis Stuart studio, Brussels, 2006
“Philosophy of the walls”, dance piece for 5 dancers, State Theatre of Nations, Moscow, 2005
“Intuition of form”, dance performance for 4 dancers, June, 2003