Dmitri Parkhunov

Константин ГроуссArtist. Has been working in different art styles, presently works as abstract painter.

Abstraction as it is. It is a different system of thinking, vision and perception. Why do I make abstraction today? Because I think that this is an independent form free of any interpretations. Also the important detail is the focus on maximal quality of surface, usage of geometry, interaction with technology. Also it’s interesting to integrate works in contemporary interior space, creating the common theory of space and at the same time the work is an independent part of the space where it is positioned.

Non-standard works attract me more. To make a serious work is always a serious challenge for an artist, a monumental work always demands more serious physical and psychological meaning. It demands solution of greater aims, more technological effort, and such aims are interesting. Every time, encountering new difficulties and goals is part of emergence of art. Non-standard works demand non-standard thinking.

Dmitry Parkhunov

Dmitry Parkhunov and Martin Sholt project for Art-Ovrag 2012 “Building #…”: