Dancing to connect

Orginized by Battery Dance Company

For the past 36 years Battery Dance Company has toured, held master classes, lectured and presented, provided technical training, and conducted its signature arts education program Dancing to Connect in over 54 countries worldwide. Battery Dance Company’s history of reaching diverse international audiences has earned the organization a reputation of being a leader in cultural diplomacy.

Committed to working with local partners and in increasing their sustainability, Battery Dance Company has partnered with over 200 foreign organizations and continues to lead the arts community in heralding new and innovative international collaborations.

Battery Dance Company has worked in countries in crisis, with peoples in conflict, and across stigmatized communities. Breaking down barriers between people, the organization aims to make dance accessible to everyone, cultivate the young leaders of tomorrow, and to promote artistic excellence and social relevance.

Follow Battery Dance Company’s international travels on our blog and watch video of performances, workshops, and interviews on our Vimeo site. For more information on international programs contact Emad Salem at emad@batterydance.org.

Dance takes the thinking and creative processes into a physical space, providing students with a non-verbal means of expression. Through an intensive weeklong series of five-hour workshops, students find in dance a new and different way to realize themselves, using their own experiences to create their own choreography, which they then perform on stage along with Battery Dance Company’s world-class dancers.

In conjunction with the workshops, Battery Dance Teaching Artists are paired with local dance instructors who act as teacher trainees. Mirroring the BDC Teaching Artist, teacher trainees learn how to conduct the Dancing to Connect Program, ensuring the future sustainability of the program.

Art-Ovrag 2012 DTC workshops: