Yanina Chernikh

My 2009 – 2011 works are synthesis of image and text. I’m analysing the objects and events that surround me. The sound of the word, the name of the object, its internal life separately from human is really important for me.

In 2012 I began to work with sound and different textures. But the main direction of my works is still the same. I’m interpreting all the things that sorround me with my own vision. Trying to reach the other side of the things.


2002 – 2009 MGUP, the book business and advertisement
2005-2010 Tverskoy Fine Arts college, painting department
2011 – 2012 – British Higher School of Design, illustration department
2011 – 2012 – ICA Moscow. 


2009 – solo exhibition, Tverskoy Art College
2010 – solo exhibition, “Andrey Judin’s workspace” gallery
2011 – solo exhibition, “Creative workshops” at the “Winzavod”, Moscow
2011 – “Believe in Tver” festival, Tver
2011 – exhibition of the E.I. Zverkov scholarship winners, Academy of Fine Art, Moscow
2011 – “Art-Ovrag 2011″ festival, Vyksa
2012 – ICA Moscow student exhibition, “Random” gallery.


During the festival Yanina holds workshops for kids and creates “The sercrets” art project: