Ek-Playaz is one of the most extraordinary collectives today at Russian rap scene. Authors of bloсkbasters “Valera”,”Glamour”, “Ne nado rabotat (No need to work)” etc. Founders of Ural’s Hip-Hop movement.

They have participated in a range of hip-hop festivals:
“Rap music 2000″, “Snickers Urbania”, “Nashi Lyudi”, etc.
The finalists of STS channel tv project “STS spotlights Super Star”. Oeuvre counts 4 albums.
The group distinctive features are contemporary and ironic lyrics, positive mood and original music. Lyrics of the Ek-Playaz have no obscene language.

Collective consists from three members: T-bass, Dry Ice, Dj Larie. Over the several years the collective runs educational events, gives master-classes ad seminars dedicated to Hip-Hop culture.
Seminars took place it Ekaterinburg, Tumen, Saleharde, Cheboksary. Main goal is to improve musical aknowledgment of the local youth, their level of creativity, intellectual power and knowledge of Hip-Hop culture.
Ek-Playaz are working on the 5th album, which will be avaliable in 2013.

“Igra da pobeda” (Game and the triumph)
“Ekie igroki”
“Ghizn prekrasna” (Life is great)
“Vivozy kolyasku” (Move your wagon)