Alexey Ivanov

Alexey Ivanov – architect, has graduated from Moscow Architecture Institute in 2002.

From 2000 to 2005 he has been working in Domion architecture bureau where in collaboration with Dmitry Alexeev he has developed and implemented numerous architecture objects. In 2005 he has founded with Dmitry Alexeev the SSSR architecture bureau. Since its founding, the bureau has implemented more than 30 architecture and decore objects: projects and building of private houses, private and public interiors, development of concept of Gazprom headquarters etc.

In collaboration with Dmitry Alexeev, took part in Art-Ovrag festivals, Archstoyanie 2010, in Decore week of Mezonine magazine, 2009, and international exhibition Мaison & Objet 2009.

“Man-tower” for Art-Ovrag 2012