Dmitry Alexeev

Dmitry Alexeev, contemporary artist from Moscow, born 1963. In 1986 graduated from the Moscow Textile Institure, faculty of applied arts.

In collaboration with Alexey Ivanov, took part in Art-Ovrag 2011 and 2012, Archstoyanie, Decore week of Mezonine magazine, 2009, and international exhibition Мaison & Objet 2009.

From 1990 Dmitry Alexeev started exhibiting his paintings in galleries of Russia, Germany, Switzerland, USA. He took part in 34 projects, 18 of which were his solo shows.

Among the projects abroad, he took part in Frankfurt Messe (1990-1992), exhibitions in San Francisco and Chicago, organised by Soviet Foundation of Culture (1991), solo shows in “K. Kunst” gallery (Aachen) and Berlin, under the aegis of International Art Foundation.
His exhibitions took place in Russian museums: Tretiakov Gallery, Museum of Modern Art, Russian Cultural Foundation, House of Artist, Manezh and many others.


The noticeable events in art life of Moscow were such vernissages of Dmitry Alexeev as “Walks in Scotland” (Tretiakov Gallery, 1997, supported by British council, Kino gallery and Mezhkombank), solo show in Manezh (1998), “With the eyes of Salome” (Central House of Artist, 2000), “Gardens of Delight” (Russian Cultural Foundation, 2002), “Coast” (Kino gallery, 2007), “Coast” (Odessa museum of western and eastern arts, 2007), solo shows in private galleries of London (2006-2008), New Castle (2006) and Zurich (2007), “Feedbacks” (Mirax Group, 2008), retrospective exhibitions of 1997-2008, exhibition “Girls LFZ” (2008).
Participant of designer projects.

Works are in collections of Museum of Russian Contemporary Art, Russian Cultural Foundation, and private collections of Russia and abroad.


Dmitry Alexeev is art director of “SSSR” architecture bureau. During the existence of the bureau, there were developed and implemented more than 30 architecture and decore objects: private houses, private and public interiors, including development of concept for headquarters of Gazprom.

Dmitry Alexeev has been working a lot in theatre and film production (Mosfilm studio) as stage designer. He was lucky to work with such outstanding Russian and foreign directors and actors as: K. Hudiakov (“Mother of Jesus”), Valery Akhadov and Annie Girardot (“Ruth”), Mikhail Kazakov (“Visit of the Old Lady” and “Shadow”, A.Proshkin (“See Paris and die”), L.Maryagin (“Leo Trotsky”), S.Proskurina (“Best time of the year”), R.Khamdamov (“Diamonds”).
In theatre, Dmitry Alexeev has been working with Vladimir Mirzoev (in Stanislavsky theatre and Lenkom), as well as on TV (anchorman of “Stylish meters” broadcast on “Domashniy” channel).


Dmitry Aleexeev’s “Man-tower” for Art-Ovrag 2012: