Misha Khum

Misha Khum (Mikhail Khudorozhkov) – artist, performer, director.

In 1991 with his sister Irina organised the Divo-design company, that was focused on production of decorations for the exclusive designs.

In 2002 when he touched the sources of shamanism, he had left the company and went into the wild.

Fall 2004 he took part in the Vertical festial, as a Theatre-schol Derevo partipiciant at the Peter and Paul Fortress.

In 2005 organised theatrical project with Olga Arefyeva “O.V.O.” that realized project “Calimba and the dreams in the cardboard box”.

2006 – Creates the theatre PAG&ARM


Spring 2007 collaborative butoh-project with “Bereg” center and the “DOM” cultural center for the “Long Hands” festival.

2008 – goes to India.

2010 – environmental project “Domical theatre” for the “Kumbha Mela” in India.

2011 – creates theatre company “4 winds”, realization of the ecologial festival “OnSun” and “Yoga farm” project, took part as technical organizer of the Art-Ovrag 2011 festival.

2012 – Working on realization of the Crative Hub Guslitsa project and the “Lost theatre” project.

2012 – Working on realization of the Butoh Village project as a part of project Butoh Channel.