Lectures and master classes

Lilia Lifanova
artist, lecturer at the ICA, Moscow.



Battery Dance Company
international dancing company.



Rita Shtyk (Rita Shtykova)
art director of «Й-short animation» and «Movement and a rhythm» studios in Creative workshops.


Popov Gosha
one of founders of TETA studio.



Maria Pokrovskaya
artist, architect.



Katerina Shtanko 
Artist, teacher.

Pioneers of the Ural’s Hip-Hop movement.



Mayuko Ogava (Yu-Ma)
Japanese artist, designer.



DJ & VJ Mr. Vux 
media artist, specializes in the processing of images, projection systems and real time animation.


Yanina Chernykh



parkour school.


Peter Lovygin, photoscreenwriter, “writer”, music video director.

Theatrical company «4winds» (Moscow), creates unusual visual objects. Performances, installations and creation of environments emphasizing sharpness of the present is their favourite way of communication with the world.

Educational programm by Shchusev State Museum of Architecture:

Igor Kazus, lecturer, candidate of architecture, adviser for scientific work of the Shchusev State Museum of Architecture.

Denis Romodin, lecturer.

Pavel Roslyakov, movie director.