DJ & VJ Mr. Vux 
Media artist, specializes in the processing of images, projection systems and real time animation.


DJ Saburov 
Musician, DjStation club radio editor, resident Dj in “Cafe37″ and “Green Room”.



Pioneers of the Ural’s Hip-Hop movement.

Naum Bleak
Side project created by Ek-Playaz rap band from Ekaterinburg. T-Bass makes music, Dry Ice reads poetry.


Ratzkevitch & ZoomRa
Sound Art + Multimedia one of the most interesting audiovisual projects.



Mikhail “DJ General Mike” Osipov
Show moderator/host.


DJ 813 - musician, one of the most popular Moscow Djs.

Panda и DJ Gormon – rap band. Panda is former member of the Dabass duet. Dj Gormon member of Da Boogie Crew Hip-Hop collective.