Roman Polyakov

Roman Polyakov (a.k.a Roman Polyak. Ramon) is master of dance in popping style, the participant of Alterum Theatre.

Popping is the street dance style, its distinctive feature are precise hits at the end of each movement («pop» or «hit» ).

Alterum theater is the real creative laboratory, synthesis of all new, progressive and unusual. It is a platform for search of actual forms of self-expression in art. It is a real creative space for choreographers, dancers, musicians, directors and artists.

The theater has already implemented a number of original fancy-dress statements and performances, using video mapping and light technologies, a wide range of contemporary choreography ranging from street-dance styles to experimental directions, pantomime and dramatic art. All performances of theater are filled with sense and philosophy. This is a search for knowledge, research of the world around, of human nature by means of art.