Naum Bleak

Naum Bleak – side project which was created by the members of Ek-Playaz rap collective from Ekaterinburg. T-Bass is a composer, Dry Ice performs the lyrics. In the September 2010 Naum Bleak released their first album “Re:Poets”.

The poetry of the russian classics like Pasternak, Mayakovsky, Brodsky, Gumilev, etc. is transformed into the rap composititons. “Work on this album took 6 years. As a result: 40 minutes of information became the longest in my life,- the author said. – The album about the word and its place in the enternity of humans hearts. In the type of enternity that is limited by the existence of civilization, country, nation and its language. As long as the language is understandable, the nation is alive, the country exists, an the civilization wasn’t replaced by another one.”

The second album “Impulse” was released in September 2011.

Art-Ovrag 2012 show: