DJ 813

Digital musician (Moscow) Professional musician for 5 years. During this period he made several releases that has received good reviews, also outside of Russia.

The first release 813 with his new sound was produced by Moscow comunity/label RAD on the audio tape.

December 12, 2011 the first 12-inch vinyl recording – Spectrum Riff (6 tracks + Slugabed remix), was produced by British label Donky Pitch (known by its collaboration with the Ninja Tunes label’s artist – Slugabed).

This summer a new vinyl recording will be released in collaboration with young British label 92 points, that will consist from 5 tracks and Om Unit’s remix.

813 was spotlighted by the Esquire, Dj Mag (Russian, Spanish, British editions), Dj Am, Hooligan magazines and leading internet publication Pitchfork. Had his shows in the best Moscow clubs (Arma 17, Solyanka, 16 tonnes, etc.) and in other Russian cities. Performed on one stage with such artists as: Onra, Mf Doom, Hudon Mohawke. Was warming up the public before Moby’s show in July 2011.

At the present time works as fireman, but he is on vacation so be ready to fire!