Igor Kazus

Igor Kazus – lecturer, PhD in architecture, The Shchusev Museum of Architecture scientifical studies advisor.

lecture “Genious of russian architectural avant-garde 1920-1930s, Vladimir Shukhov, Vladimir Tatlin, Konstantin Melnikov, Ivan Leonidov.”

Inspired by ideas of engineer Vladimir Shukhov, who was founder of hyperboloid steel constructions, Vladimir Tatlin, Konstantin Melnikhov and Ivan Leonidov have created the legendary model of 400 meters tower The Monument to the Third International (Tatlin), the famous cylindrical Melnikov’s house on the Arbat street, the high-rise Lenins’s Institute of librarianship constructions at the Vorobyevy Gory (Leonodov) and other constructions that were recognized as world’s masterpieces. The experiments of these masters were ahead of their time, and even nowadays still inspire architectures all over the world.