“Breaking Championship 1×1”

16 best b-boys of Russia will face a challenge! Only one can be a champion!

Prize – 30000 rubles. The winner takes it all. 

Guest judge – Storm, the living legend of the world of the street dance and breaking. He is the one of the most respected and titled dancers not only in Europe, but in the world too. Storm is a winner of prestigious championships and festivals, a dancer, a choreographer, a teacher and an author. He started his dance road in 1983. He is an author and a host of the popular TV-show about breking on music channel VIVA. Also, he participated in the filming of music videos, directing shows in theaters based on breakdance choreography and more. Storm is actively performing and teaching. For the first time in Russia he’s going to perform his new show at “Art-Ovrag”.

The host of championship is Artem Beatmaster T. – a member of the one of the top breaking crew in Russia – BMT Crew.

2nd place – Moscow Championship “Break it up”

3rd place – “Hip-hop Fight”

2nd place – Ukraine Championship

1st place – Moscow Championship “Banana Mama”

Best show – Poland Championship

3rd place – “All Zeros”, Krasnodar

Participant – “Scandinavia Superjam”, Stockholm

Participant – jubilee show of Maya Plisetskaya 

2nd place – festival “Art of Movement”, Tallinn

1st place – Championship “Pro Am”,Kiyv

1st place – Championship «Banana Mama Seven 2 smoke».

2nd place –  «Funk Fanatix anniversary», Saint-Petersburg

1st place – festival “Krutyshka”, Moscow

2nd place – championship, club “Bangles”

1st place – feats of “Moskovskij Komsomolets” 

1st place – festival «Funk on the rock 3» between professionals.

1st place – Championship 1×1 «Top 30 Москва King of the Circle».

1st place – Championship «Catch the beat».

2nd place – BOTY Russia 2008

1st place – «Breakdance circus revolution 08».

3rd place – picnic “Afisha”

1st place – «HipHop Fight 2008».

1st place –  «Intersession Summit».

4th place – in series of parties of the Zona club “4 Kings”

2nd place – qualifications for  «UK Championship»

1st place – championship  «Break cake»

1st place – qualifications “Circle Prince” 2008, Switzerland

2nd place – “Street Energy”

1st place – ‘Interseasonal Summit”

2nd place – “All styles in power”, Perm

2nd place – crew vs. crew and 1st place in pairs, Russian qualifications of european “Chelles battlePro”

1st place – “X Static”, Croatia

1st place – “Break Kidz 2010”, Ukraine

1st place – “Mafia13 anniversary” 3×3 and toprock battle

1st place – toprock battle “Yalta Summer Jam”, 2011

2nd place – “Back to battle”, 2011

1st place – “BBoy games international”, Milano

1st place – toprock battle, “Street Summit”, 2011

1st place – BOTY Russia, 2011

1st place – “Evolution” 6, New York

1st place – “The battle of two” 2012

2nd place – “Dance soul cap”, 2012

2nd place – crew vs. crew “Yalta Summer Jam”, 2012

Space cypher 2012!space general.

2nd place – Fsal battle 2013, Москва

1st place – Soul on top 6, Basel city


Judges, russian part:

Pavel Obraztsov (a.k.a Spek) – a member of BMT Crew

Participant and awardee of such festivals as:

-Freestyle Session Russia
-FF anniversary
-Interseasonal Session – 1st place
-Circus Revolution – 1st place
-TOP 9 anniversary;
-Kofemolka 07 – 1st place
-Catch the wave – 1st place
-B-boy Unit;
-Back 2 Battle – 2nd place
-Kanab’s war – 1st place
-Soul City
-Funk 2012
-Funk on the Rock
-Break Cake – 1st place
-Guests of All The Most – 1st place
-FSAL breaking 2013 – 1st place

-SHTAM (Belorussia);
-Yalta Summer Jam (Ukraine) – 2nd place
-Battle Of The Year international (France)
-Evolution (USA)
-Floor Wars (Denmark)
-Circle Kingz(Switzerland)
-Street Star (Sweden) – 1st place
-Chelles battle pro 2013 (France)
-Soul on Top 6 (Swiss, Basel) – 1st place

Dmitry Generalov (a.k.a Gormon) – Da Boogie Crew

DJ Topor – Kirill Popov – Da Boogie Crew

Da Boogie Crew are the living hip-hop legends and idols of the entire generation in Russia. They are the starters of the second wave of breakdance in the country. Their music video “Did you want to party?” created with the russian rap legend Ligalize has turned around the life of youngsters all over Russia. This video has been on the top of tops on MTV Channel Russia for a half an year.

Da Boogie Crew is the first breakdance crew from Russia that became an awardee abroad, on the championship “East Side Battle” in Europe.  They were and they are true trailblazers and popularizers of hip-hop culture in Russia. 

Da Boogie Crew are the authors of huge amount of hip-hop mediaprojects. They’ve got a  column in “Ptyuch” journal, weekly program “Freestyle” on 106.8 FM, weekly part in TV-show  “Bashnya” on RTR Channel, weekly part in TV-show “Under 16 and older” on ORT Channel and and an author’s show “Fresh” on Yugra Channel.